Lovely. charming, thoroughly enjoyable experience

It is worth reading the other reviews for the tour details and an appreciation of the consistent nature of others. The 2 day 1 night trip can be done cheaper with other operators (aimed more at the backpacking fraternity perhaps). However, the quality of the boat, the crew, support personnel and the food is really worth paying the extra for. Drink prices were quite reasonable e.g. 2 USD for a Saigon beer (special type not the standard brew). We had a marvellous time from start to finish. We thoroughly recommend this tour. Others have mentioned Mr T the tour guide. His name is Thanh. He left his rather remote village 7 years ago to become a tour guide, learn English well, and hopefully travel the world. He is an Aikido Master which clearly explains his patience and outlook. In talking to Thanh, I was genuinely moved and inspired when he told me that once he had completed his travel plans, he wanted to return to his village to teach English to the children so they too can also realise their potential. I hope everyone reading this who meets Thanh will tip him well, so he may reach his goals sooner rather than later.